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CD "Big Easy" - 2013

Mr. Boogie Woogie: Big Easy

CD "Just Like That!" - 2010

Mr.Boogie Woogie & the Firesweep Bluesband: Just Like That!

CD "Live at the Duke" - 2006

Mr.Boogie Woogie & Anna Warr: Live at the Duke

CD "Boogie Woogie Baby" - 2003

Mr.Boogie Woogie: Boogie Woogie Baby (featuring Lisa Otey)

DVD "S.O.L.O." - 2009

Mr. Boogie Woogie: S.O.L.O. (DVD)
Mr.Boogie Woogie: FATS: A Tribute to Fats Domino
Mr.Boogie Woogie: Absoo-boogin
Mr.Boogie Woogie & the Hot Wings: They
Eric-Jan Overbeek and Andre Valkering: Boogie Woogie Special
Mr.Boogie Woogie & the Firesweep Bluesband: Three Pound Fist